Seven point for getting independent inspector for your build

As independent inspector myself I can only point to my experience from a large roadkill of owners who have diabolical problems or dearly wish they had inspections done. It is true that there are over 20,000 builders in Victoria and majority do a decent job and you never hear about them on this forum. However, there is several dozen that frequently pop up with problem builds. There are also many problems with OB jobs.
Statistically chances are that you will be Ok but it’s like a tattslotto, chances are low but someone always wins and many win second and third division prizes.
Do you want to win a second or third rate build build? No problem, don’t have independent inspections and you will be underwriting your own risk.
The benefits of having independent and competent inspector working for you are:
1 Builder will know you will have a professional working for you and it will change complexion of things. You won’t be bullied, intimidated and treated like crap. I suspected for a long time that volume builders assign their best supervisors to where they know will be independent inspector. Other jobs get leftovers. But just recently one of the building managers for a large volume builder said so to me.

2 Pre-contract review- your most important inspection. If you willingly sign off on a bad deal no one can help you.
3 Pre Slab inspection- another pair of eyes going over slab preparation, levels, drawings, drainage etc before concrete is poured.
4 Frame inspection, in theory should not be required because building inspector does those for mandatory requirements but often I pickup on serious defects and omissions.
5 Pre plaster-last chance inspection to check everything before everything gets covered up, after that you cannot see and if your plaster has bows and hollows then walls have not been properly straightened.What about fire walls if you are in a unit?
6 Pre final inspection:
incomplete work
non compliance
non conformance
theremal imaging scan- for insulation and roof leaks
variations overview
7 having your expert in the cloud should bring you comfort and respect from your builder, otherwise you may be treated as a pushover.

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