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Pool Safety Neglected is Criminal Negligence

There are thousands of children at risk of drowning because of astonishing stupidity of owners who do not maintain pool safety fences. This is what I found on inspection yesterday:     Do you think there should be mandatory jail … Continue reading

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Building contract, don’t sign anything!

Yes its very exciting to get going on your new home but STOP RIGHT THERE! Are you going to sign building contract for the biggest investment of your life thinking less than buying shoes? If you don’t understand what you … Continue reading

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Building dispute mediation, the art of balance.

Some time ago I was fortunate to be in a position to help two parties resolve their building dispute. It was one of those situations that had left a bad feeling between two residents in a small country town in … Continue reading

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Pre purchase inspection, fraudulent cover up exposed!

If you are buying a home would you like to know if it had serious termite “HIT” and serous structural damage? Of course you would! Would you expect vendor and the vendor’s agent to disclose it? Don’t hold your breath! … Continue reading

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House frame inspection, crappy, this builder just does not care about quality.Why should he?

One of the largest volume builders just does not care about the quality. Why? Because it does not pay to. There is more money to be made skimping on supervision and quality control that getting it right. What happens if … Continue reading

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Brick growth, what if you forget expansion joints?

Most people don’t know that bricks can actually grow over time and walls will expand. If appropriate allowance is not made for brick growth then wall damage will occur. This historic brick facade is excellent example of serious damage: Photos … Continue reading

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Shower leaks, forensic testing with thermal imaging.

Why are showers leaking and who is at fault? The correct answer to that question could help innocent contractor from taking the blame.In the case below, a waterproofing contractor was blamed for defective shower membrane and the consequential damage to … Continue reading

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Building and timber pest inspection, would you believe what vendor tells you?

Yesterday I inspected a 30 year old home in high termite risk bush setting. The dwelling was well built and was provided with ant caps over stumps and ant strips over perimeter brickwork. That is the best type of physical … Continue reading

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Roofing defects, what lurks beneath this roof?

Yesterday I inspected a home in a high risk termite area when in noticed property next door and could not resist taking a picture. Why? A very large roof line dip was screaming “something is wrong”   What could it … Continue reading

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Building expert advice, what’s the cost?

There are really only two scenarios. The first one is when the owner genuinely does not know it is in best interest to get professional help or does not know where to look for it. The second is when the … Continue reading

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