Building Inspection Melbourne, buying a home could be a disaster.

About two years ago a young lady rung and wanted a pre purchased inspection done on a first home she was about to buy.

She was told that the house did have some foundation problems but it was all fixed with resin injection technology and had 10 year guarantee.

However, unease was creeping up on her and even though she was almost on a cooling off deadline she was now prepared to pay a premium to get me out on a Sunday.

As it happened it was a good call.

What I found was a dwelling that was six inches out of level and the doors were opening and closing by themselves.

There was a catastrophic foundation failure which caused entire home to become tilted

( perhaps it was built over a dam or old creek bed)  yet there was no cracking and no prospect of economic or practical repair.

This home would have been a complete purchase disaster, she walked.

About a year later she booked again and again there were major structural problems with house stumps that subsided and uneven floors. She walked again.

Third time lucky? Lets hope so.

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