Building stage inspections, are they worth it?

This week I carried out pre final inspection on a big two storey home. This is what I said:

Summary of the Report Findings: 

This dwelling is well constructed and nicely finished and a credit to the builder. Only minor attention is required before handover.



Complete termite protection.

Replace broken footpaths.

Drain pool of water against foundation

Improve safety fence around the pool (A drowning risk to a child).

Install additional smoke detector outside bedroom near the entry.

Clean paint off the balcony door.

Paint touch ups as required.

This home was the subject of stage inspections during construction and significant issues were detected early on (see my blog 21./03/2012)

It seems that my early presence and the early jumping up and down by the owner paid off and the builder pulled up his socks and produced a pleasing job.

The builder (mid tier builder) has had a string of less than satisfactory jobs and although capable of doing better it’ was a long time between drinks. The last good job I saw from him was more than 3 years ago. The jobs in between were pre final inspections only where defects were already built in (bowed walls) etc.

Is it worth paying for  four stage inspections? My client was pleased with the outcome.

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