Last chance building inspection

Our building control system does not require pre plaster inspections, so why should you have one?I now call them LAST CHANCE INSPECTION. We do a lot of them for very good reasons. The following are just some items we look for but the real value is to have expert’s eye over your investment before it becomes covered up and to put builder on notice that you are looked after by a professional:

  1. Damaged framing members
  2. Framing defects missed by building inspector
  3. Inadequately straightened walls
  4. Incomplete preparation of wet areas
  5. Building water tightness
  6. Insulation
  7. External cladding
  8. Site drainage
  9. Compliance with regulations
  10. Compliance with contract

Lot of small defects will combine to reduce quality of your build. Many of the defects if not picked up early are impractical to fix and you will be stuck with them or you will just have to accept them because you just have to move in and cannot wait.

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There are thousands of homes with covered up defects, some of them serious, some of them life threatening. All of them could have been picked up with a competent pre plaster LAST CHANCE inspection.

Is our building control system negligent? You bet! Do you want to rely on it?

Many of our clients book us for four stage inspections during build and some book us for consultation before they sign contract.

In most cases we are able to discover and deal with significant defects and omissions to arrive to handover relatively stress free.

Last chance inspection?  Your call.







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