Swimming pool cracking up, whats the problem?

This is what this owner wanted to know. He has just built a brand new Million dollar home with undercover swimming pool that is showing the signs of cracking.


Three sides of the pool have cracked and it was due to build up of external hydrostatic pressure due to poor construction. My recommendations will fix the problem but it will be neither easy nor inexpensive.

After talking to the owner I realised that I just grabbed the Tiger by the tail. There were so many other problems. The balcony was leaking and the builder would not fix it so the owner spent substantial money roofing it. The owner paid extra 100K for the structure enclosing the pool even though it was in the contract. The owner was overcharged and double charged on many items during his build. Not only that, he knew it but let it go (perhaps he was intimidated, conned or sweet talked), a cool way to drop 200K. The owner is a very well educated man so I don’t understand it.

I knew of the builder from a previous multi unit development that he ruined for the owners.

The owner did have inspections during construction, by a leading inspection company but obviously he wasn’t getting the right advice in relation to his contract with the builder.

Anyway I offered full home inspection and defect report together with full forensic examination of all matter relating to the contract variations and adjustments with a view to get him refund on overpayments.

We will see, stay tuned.

The moral of this story is that the difference you will pay building expert compared to pretend expert is probably nil. The difference to your bottom line could be thousands, tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands in your favour.




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