Swimming pool safety, is yours five star safe or five skulls drowning risk?

Just yesterday I inspected a nice home (pre purchase inspection) with a pretty swimming pool. It was almost picture perfect but on closer inspection this is what I found:

DSC_4943 DSC_4949 DSC_4950 DSC_4900 DSC_4901



If you think I am over the top then imagine you are the owner and the child drowned (heavens forbid), you are sitting in a witness box charged with criminal negligence trying to explain why your swimming pool did not comply with regulations and why the gates were not maintained.

Good luck!

Just for good measure I also have found evidence of skilful skirting replacement in an attempt to hide prior termite attack.

A competent pre purchase inspection is not just about the condition of your (biggest investment) but it could also save your life or the life of someone you love more than yourself.














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