Building inspection Melbourne, are you getting a donkey ride?

This blog follows from the blog on 29th Feb 2012 and is about my client who has had major problems and delays in finishing his home.

In the end the job has been lifted from well below standard to barely acceptable standard and a handover will occur soon with builder agreeing to substantial compensation to my client as well as refund of my inspection fees.

Firstly a credit is due to the builder’s new SS who inherited the bad job and has made something acceptable out of it. I am sure it wasn’t pleasant for him.

To a lesser degree a credit is due to the builder for actually coming across the line even if late and even if in the process destroying a building dream and client’s confidence.

I am saying lesser because it should not have happened. This is a top tier builder with the decades of experience and the money to ensure it did not.

I don’t know what went wrong, perhaps builder expanded too quickly, perhaps he did not spend enough on training or perhaps he fired his QA because it costs too much to keep.

What I do know is that this builder performed like it was his first build job, he has done this before and currently I see this on his other jobs.

What is undeniable is that my client who has entered into a building contract in good faith to build most important investment of his life and has agreed to pay for a good ticket has been given a donkey ride.

I don’t agree that mere compensation is enough and our building control system should have a system of severe penalties to ensure this does not happen and if it does builder pays heavily. This is not vindictive but rather corrective. For as long as builders can destroy dreams with impunity nothing will improve.

For as long as the cost of broken dreams does not show in their bottom line there will be no improvement in training and quality and no certainty of delivery without disgrace.

The builder has previously appeared before Building Practitioners Board and found guilty of multiple breaches of professional standards (more broken dreams) but it seems has learned nothing.

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