Building inspection Melbourne, will your family wake up tomorrow?

This article is to highlight the extreme risk you may be taking in buying owner built property without building expert pre purchase report.

The major risk with owner built property is that it is the product of “blind leading the blind” Owner builders just don’t have the skills to know and supervise construction and just a small miss could create a lethal risk to your family.

Just this week I inspected a two storey townhouse about 10 years old that had been renovated and extended. This is a tricky one because if you don’t know your stuff you will miss it. The original townhouse had a building permit and the house extension had a permit but a garage converted into a habitable room (bedroom) “surprise surprise” did not.

Illegal construction always creates issues but “HERE IS THE KILLER” ┬áthere was no smoke detector outside bedroom as required by law.


Think twice and get Building Expert advice.


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