Slab Heave Melbourne, Negligence goes on and on!

I am engaged for stage inspections for a new two storey residence in point Cook built by a volume builder. What many people do not realise is that spot inspection of critical points in construction is not the only purpose and benefit of stage inspections. There is also an opportunity to see whether builder is following his other obligations in relation to site drainage during construction. This is very important because of potential for foundation damage and slab heave due to poor drainage on reactive soil foundations such as this.

This is what I found during frame construction and after frame was completed

DSC_8091 DSC_8093 DSC_8489


DSC_93795 It is clear that builder has been catastrophically negligent in the construction of this home in breach of his warranties and the Australian and engineering standards. What did I say?


 The builder’s site management of surface drainage is unsatisfactory and urgent attention is required.

 Builder is negligent in the matters of site drainage because foundation material has become flooded and may become damaged. Builder should be reported to VBA for failing to follow appropriate standards in regard to site drainage with a request that his conduct be inquired into.

So what happens now?

If foundation damage occurs there will be ample evidence on file including photos of builder’s negligence which will assist in any future proceedings.

How many times have I come across serious slab damage and when I ask owners for records and photos during construction, there is nothing. It makes it difficult to help them get repairs or compensation.

We provide expert building stage inspections at critical points in construction with monitoring of builder’s obligations in relation to site drainage and other matters.

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