When do you tell the truth?

Some time ago I was in the office busy with some report writing when I overheard a call coming in from potential client requesting a building inspection. Our office manager went through the routine explaining what we do and asked about particular problems with caller’s property. Somehow ┬áthe conversation ended on the topic of truth between the parties and the caller asked if we always tell the truth. The answer of course was yes, always or at least whenever we can. The question was then put to he caller. His answer was

“Only when I have to” almost proudly.

Well, that told me a lot about the caller and the red flags went up. Some people are pathological liars and lying is their way of life.Worse still it is not the things they say but also the things that are withheld.

As someone who writes reports for a living I knew this caller would be a problem for me because essential element of my report is the veracity of information supplied by the client. I knew this was not a nice person, is potential trouble and I too could become a victim..

Making an eye contact, my office manager read my mind and politely told the caller that we would not be able to help him.

The best troubles are the ones you have the wisdom to avoid.



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2 Responses to When do you tell the truth?

  1. MARY says:

    We have had a bad experience with a building expert who provided incorrect reports with lack of credibility, which leaded to a disaster in our case. I was wondering if someone can help and let me know if there is a governing body / organisation for this type of professional work which can cause a very big impact on people’s life.

    • Building Expert says:

      Hi Mary. Building consultants are not registered in Victoria and anyone can do it (as it should be) but everyone has a duty to give advice within their area of expertise and do so dilligently.
      If you think I can help you please send me a request.

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