New Home Post Final Inspection Report

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Has the builder satisfied all contract and maintenance obligations?

  • Check your home for defects
  • Ensure that builder's maintenance items are completed
  • Ensure that builder has allowed proper refunds
  • Get expert advice for landscaping and maintaining your home.
  • Ensure you get the benefit of all warranties

Prepared in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.0.
For your peace of mind.

Building inspection will identify and report significant issues relating to property condition, structural issues, leaks and dampness, cracking and maintenance.

All inspections include FREE Thermal Imaging Scan that may lead to detection of otherwise invisible defects.

All inspections and reports are by qualified, accredited and insured property inspectors with tertiary building qualifications, over five years of property inspection experience with over 5,000 inspections and track record of discovery of over 100,000 defects.

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