Building? Keep out of trouble!

Improving property? Planning? Building a new home? Investing?

You will need:

  • Assurance, Advice, Support, Mentoring or Building Expert Intervention!

BUILDING/RENOVATING ADVICE - You are "The Captain" in charge of your project.

Are You "Captain Blind"?

Is the fog in your eyes just naive hope or is it your blind trust in the contractor?

Don't' kid yourself, if you don't have knowledge or experience you could be embarking on for the most stressful voyage. It may end in emotional, health and financial shipwreck. We see it all the time!

Tradesmen are not blind but don't have the broader building skills and won't care. Just like sailors too busy with ropes to see where the ship is going.

Your project could be a ship of maybe competent sailors with a blind captain.

Will Your Project Hit The Rocks?

You Bet

No! Building is not easy. It often runs over time and budget even for professionals. We have horror stories, or we can help you navigate treacherous straits of building.

THE BEST SYSTEM of building inspection and reports is here to protect your investment. The best building advice is affordable and costs less than poor advice!


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