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If you have been unable to settle your dispute then chances are that you will have to prosecute (or defend) your case in the court or Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal. This means that you will have to engage building expert to prepare a report as evidence in proceedings.

Expert is a special class of witnesses because unlike layperson he can not only give factual evidence but also offer expert opinion (within his area of expertise) to assist the tribunal or the court. Reports are typically prepared in VCAT format with required declarations.

However, substantial detail needs to go into preparation of the report to show how expert arrived at his opinion and the underlying factual basis.

Typically reference to legislation will be required:

  • 1. Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 (if applicable)
  • 2. Building Act 1993
  • 3. Building Regulations
  • 4. Building Code of Australia
  • 5. Appropriate Australian Standards

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