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Building Expert Services - Personal Appearance

It takes a true building expert to walk up to any building defect, building problem, situation or dispute, to take control with confidence and authority and to immediately and correctly diagnose what the problem is and without beating about the bush tell you what to do or how to go about resolving it.

Here there is no pretence, it takes a lifetime to become true building expert. Not only have I been action man for over four decades but also I have had ringside seat watching other peoples building problems for nearly a decade.

  • Property developer 4 decades
  • Domestic builder 4 decades
  • Commercial builder 4 decades
  • Property inspections, almost a decade
  • Thermal imaging over 5 years
  • Expert witness over 5 years
  • Building degree 5 years (Melbourne Uni. 1975)
  • Over 5000 property inspections and over 100,00 defects discovered and photographed.

We are that expert with top qualifications, depth of knowledge, extensive experience and wisdom of age that will give you right answer, up front, that is practical and economical and will save you money. Don't waste your time and money with pretenders.

If we cant' help you then no one else can.

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Email: team@buildingexpert.net.au