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Building inspections while you build


You have signed building contract for the biggest investment of your life and everything will go smoothly just like in a Hollywood dream Right? Maybe, but more than likely not!

Wake up! Think again! Do you understand building contracts? Can you read plans, do you know what provisional sums are, do you know what are PC sums, do you know what to expect, have you experience dealing with builder?

If you have answered No to any of the above you could be setting yourself up for the most stressful journey with the privilege of paying extra premium for disappointment.

We are constantly amazed that people will sign the contract for the biggest investment of their life not understanding and thinking less than buying shoes. Then in blind trust they throw bags of money at the builder in naive hope that they will get what they think they paid for.

Some people won't spend hundreds on independent inspections thinking they are saving money when if fact they are loosing tens of thousands, their health, peace of mind and perhaps their marriage.

Often they will become disillusioned and bitterly disappointed. Then they call us, but the horse has bolted. Whilst we can and will help them get the best outcome possible it is much more effective to avoid problems and control the contract with stage inspections. Take charge, be in control and weI will put builder on notice, you will get more respect and a better job.

What can go wrong? Anything and everything. Every week weI find serious building defects missed by building surveyors and building inspectors. Defects get built in, no questions asked. Who cares? No one!

We are going to look after you with stage inspections at critical construction points and will ensure that your interests are protected, that you get what you paid, that you are not ripped off and that you get the right quality.

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