Building Expert Witness Attendance

If you have been unable to settle your dispute then chances are that you will have to prosecute (or defend) your case in the court or Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal. This means that you will have to engage building expert to appear as witness to give evidence in proceedings.

Expert is a special class of witnesses because unlike layperson he can not only give factual evidence but also offer expert opinion (within his area of expertise) to assist the tribunal or the court.

However, substantial detail needs to go into preparation for the appearance:

1. Review of the report
2. Review of other reports
3. Review of other relevant information
4. Revision of the original report

Building Expert Witness has to be well prepared to present his facts, findings and opinions.

He also must be able to withstand hostile cross-examination from the opposing party that will attempt to discredit him.

Don't risk going to proceedings without proper preparation or without your expert, your opposition may bring out big guns and you will be outgunned and outplayed.

We have been trained by IAMA (Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia) and have successfully appeared in many VCAT proceedings.

The success of your case will depend on how well you are prepared, the quality of your expert reports, the quality of the opposition and a bit of luck.

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