Pre Settlement Inspection

You have bought "builder's spec" or bought off the plan, "cat in the bag". Settlement is coming and you are wandering if you are getting what you expect or perhaps you can already see you aren't.

If you bought "owner built" that could be really asking for trouble. Why?

Unless it's a registered builder you could be buying a product of the "blind leading the blind".

Of course there is no blindness here, just ignorance. Owner builder will likely not have professional skills and knowledge required to lead a team of tradesmen. "Who cares about supervision?" He will just trust them to "do the right thing") Tradesmen too, are not blind but don't have the broader building skills and won't care.

So you have a ship of maybe competent sailors with a "Captain Blind". What have they delivered?


You bet!

Regularly we find incomplete/defective/non compliant building work of poor standard, often not in accordance with drawings and sometimes befitting a third world country!

Are you going to hand over your money without Building Expert advice?
It's your call!

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